Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Hardmoors effect on a first timer...

After my dismal DNF in the Hardmoors 55 I've started to refocus on my next ultra attempt - the Osmotherley Phoenix 33 miler. Two things are becoming quite apparent.

1) I need to become mentally and physically stronger if I wish to finish any challenging ultras. Remotivating myself after my first DNF has been quite hard, as I've been sulking for the last few weeks.

2) With a bit of extra mental belief I seem to be able to maintain a slightly faster pace overall on all my training routes. All my times have improved significantly, and I recently knocked 20 minutes off my half marathon time in dismal weather conditions. I think this is down to me knowing a bit more of what is required to make the cut-offs in a race like the Hardmoors, and how much more effort it will take on my next ultra. I also think that my body is slowly adapting to running longer distances, and that the 12 hour run I did on the Hardmoors is now translating into real running improvements.

Hardly Tim Noakes for you there, but that's my take on things anyway!

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